Photographer:  Marko Stamatović

The idea and the fundamental message of this exhibition is a reformation of the point of view, an intent to attract attention of the audience to a plethora of new ways and roads in which we can appreciate the values in visual art, which are not only present in art galleries, but all around us; an intent to break the strict mold in which the audience regards art and to show that the perfection of the form and composition can be found in the most ordinary objects which we take for granted: in this case, chopped firewood. The exhibition is composed of 14 photos of a 100 x 70 cm format, in which details of the internal structure of chopped wood are depicted.

The colours are minimally altered to emphasize the form itself, in this way colour manipulation on these photos has a function of creating a momentary illusion for the audience. The concept of the exhibition was not to allow the spectator to understand the message literally, but to request from him a dose of curiosity and exploration, and this way to develop a more free way of thinking in order to reach the essence.

To reach that goal, I have used momentary shift of focus from the basic meaning of the photos, so that during the thinking process and reaching the basic idea and the essence the message of the exhibition would be clear and complete.