Photographer: Marko Stamatović

Location: MS Studios

Camera: Hand mad Large format cameras, models ” Mirka 2 5×7″, “Mirka 10×15″, & ” Biba pano 15×25″

Lens: Handmade menickus lens

This collection represents the essence of photography as an art form.

I tried to make my photography completely original by creating everything that I required to get the wanted results – by hand. For this reason I have made a complete series of handmade large format cameras that I named after my family members.

What you can see here are the photographs made by exposing film and photographic paper using only my own camera models. In doing this I believe that I finally got what I’ve always wanted – photography that is completely my own.

I hope that you are as much of a devotee for the charms of analogue photography and that you’ll enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed creating it.