Photographer:  Marko Stamatović

Place:  OŽALJ Mountin, Serbia

Immense beauty of the nature of Ozalj mountain is completed by a phenomenon – an Ice cave Lednica which was used as an icemaker by the local residents. The ice cave in the village Krnjaca by Priboj, on south-western slope of Ozalj mountain, in the area called Cemerno, in the beginning of Jabucko-babinska plateau, is similar to numerous pits created by underground water in the mountain chain of Dinaric Alps. This ice cave produces ice in the same way as fridges whose mass production caused the abiding ice trade with Prijepolje, Kotor and Sarajevo to stop.

According to a story that brought us here, during the retreat of Austro-Hungarian troops from Serbia at the end of the Great War, two soldiers tried to get some ice from the cave. They fell into the cave’s shaft and have forever stayed there.

We followed the story and went down into the cave where we solved the mystery of the missing soldiers